Algae Biofuel Radical Ideas

What are ten of the most radical algae biofuel ideas? Lets look into our future and see how algae can capture and reuse carbon dioxide to produce renewable energy. Here are a few of the emerging themes, schemes and dreams in algae biofuel production and how algae will transform future landscapes.


Carbon Dioxide Eliminating Floating Green Park, Hong Kong.
Adrian Yee Cheung Lo. 1173.

Rule of Nature: Waste is Food. The site is a shore front express way next to the dense urban residential developments in Hong Kong. A CO2 collector system integrated with noise barrier. Car exhaust CO2 is pumped to algae cell modules for hydrogen-producing marine algae.


Asteriofuel Algae Fuel Stations in Urban Areas like Barcelona Spain.
Ignacio Montojo. 1151.

The AsterioFuel network of geodesic domes is designed for cities interested in absorbing CO2 emissions and producing renewable fuels. The domes absorb CO2, grow diatom algae to provide energy to the vehicles and offer shade covering for pedestrians in public spaces.


Project Bio-Slum, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Tolga Hazan. 1175.

Located in the wetland of WadukPluit in the Jakarta Penjaringan slums, Bio-Slum offers an alternative to palm oil for biodiesel. The project works in the urban landscape, avoiding deforestation, and fuses algae into daily activities, with an upper green layer shading residents below.


Production landscape for warm coastal areas of the world.
Ho Wing Ho. 1179.

The offshore algae cell farm powers the city nearby and its by-products benefit onshore agriculture. Rings of floating hydrogen producing algae cells in daytime produce electricity and are inflated by gases. At night, the gases inflate onshore greenhouses as heat for plants inside.


Green Miles. I-40 near Knoxville, Tennessee.
Kathryn Hier. 1149.

Using the negative outputs of gasoline as catalysts for bio-fueled transportation, relying on coniferous trees and algae. The goals are to offset carbon emissions, recharge aquifers and provide bio-fuels from an algae bioreactor system on the side of the interstate infrastructure.


Rigs to Reefs: Converting the North Sea ‘Frigg’ Oil Rig into an Algae Powered Whale Sanctuary.
Neil Gregory Baugh Cooke. 1136.

Many North Sea oil rigs built in the 60s and 70s have a short lifespan- can another use for these colossal structures be found instead of being scrapped? Rigs to Reefs moves from oil to algae energy, creating a marine ecosystem and whale watching visitor center.


ALGAL&SCAPE: Study of polder Schieveen, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Federico Curiél. 1165.

A sustainable strategy for large scale micro-algae harvesting using the polders, reclaimed land enclosed by dykes. The Netherlands could benefit from this transformation of the polders, ensuring enough production of fuel for the Dutch needs and even more to be stored or exported.


Parasital Bioreactors.
Manuel Hernandez. 1146.

Closing the loop with hybrid machine infrastructure along roads to capture emissions to grow algae for renewable fuel. Capturing by humidity swing sorbent placed in panels inside a metal porous body formed by multiple overlapped hollow spheres and growing algae inside glass capsules on top of every capturing balloon.


Algae @ Work: Rethinking Fueling Stations.
David E. Beil. 1155.

Replacing gas station networks with a closed-loop biological system for local production of algae biofuel. Designed to replace outmoded gas station/convenience store with a system to produce biofuel combined with tilapia farming to provide nutrients for optimal development.


Manipulating Coast. Algae Biofuel Production and Research Facility, Abu Dhabi.
Jamie Henry. 1122.

The site is coastal desert on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. A local source of bio-diesel would reduce emissions from massive transport corridors in the area and algae growth would drastically improve coastal environments damaged by construction run-off.

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