AC News 6 Microfarm Visits

NewsAC7Algae Competition Newsletter 6. July 29, 2011.
Visit to Algae Microfarms in France, by Robert Henrikson.
An algae microfarm movement is underway and it is beginning in France. This past month, I visited some of these microfarms, meeting with the pioneers and algae entrepreneurs. In 2002, I visited one of the very first algae microfarms in the South of France, Philippe Calamand’s Spiruline La Capitelle. Over one decade, 100 growers have sprung up from Southern France to as far north as Normandy. In 2004 a spirulina algae school was established at the CFFPA Center in Hyeres, engaging more people to join this community.
Newsletter 6 PDF. Constant Contact Archive.

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