Algalicious Algae Foods

Here are some delicious new algae food products and recipes from around the world entered in the International Algae Competition.


H'ors d'oeuvres d'algues - Oz style.
Pia Winberg and Friday, Australia. 3112.

Pia Winberg and Friday create algae h'ors d'oeuvres from red, green and brown seaweeds- Sea Twists, Ginger Nori Delight and Crispy Chondrus.


In’Spir- Naturopathic Condiment.
Cédric Coquet, France. 3113.

Cédric Coquet has created three symphonic recipes of spirulina, seeds and herbs, grown and developed in Drome in Provence, France. Each symphony contains 30% spirulina grown at his own family microfarm.


Dances With Algae.
Lynn Cornish, Scott Hubley, Romelda Nickerson, Josie Todd. Canada. 3180.

Marine Algae Foods and Recipes. By including macroalgae in commonly consumed foods we can provide beneficial health effects.


Dances With Algae.
Lynn Cornish, Scott Hubley, Romelda Nickerson, Josie Todd. Canada. 3180.

Foods on a typical menu at the fictional 'Algalicious Cafe and Restaurant' are cultivated sea vegetable bouquet, caper stir-fry, kombu-banded seafood cakes and algee-licious popcorn.


Korean Style Algae Pancake.
JiSun Lee. 3147.

Mix up small pieces of squid or seafood or meat, onion, algae flour, egg, spices and water and fry in a pan with olive oil until crispy.


Spirulina Green Tongue Candies.
Duraikkannan Selvendran, Antenna Nutritech Foundation, Madurai, India. 3174.

Antenna Nutritech Foundation in India developed spirulina green tongue candies for children to combat malnutrition. This is an affordable treat children enjoy and improve their health.


Lucie Bolzec, France. 3179.

Instant soup concept: algae, vegetables and herbs inside an alginate sphere. The transparent sphere, made from red algae extract, is edible and liquifies in hot water. Three soup recipes are Bretonne, Provençale and Japonaise. Biosphere gives a moment of pleasure, a taste discovery and a spectacular transformation of the sphere.


Spirulina Tofu.
Sun-Up Bean Food MFG PTE LTD Singapore. 3116.

To enjoy spirulina in popular soy tofu, Sun-Up Bean Food in Singapore created spirulina tofu by pouring white tofu paste into a mold and blending in spirulina powder and steaming for 10 minutes.


Spirulina Tacos al Pastor.
Spencer Drew. 3160.

Tacos with a green twist. Puree rehydrated dry chiles and spirulina powder until smooth and blend in a bowl with reduced orange juice and spices, vinegar and lime juice, add pork and marinate. When ready to cook, remove pork and sauté.


Aquamole Fresh Spirulina Dip.
Denise Fox, Laroque, France. 3184.

In the South of France, Denise Fox gets fresh spirulina paste direct from a local microfarmer Spiru-Vie. She mixes with yogurt, sour cream, cheeses, herbs olive oil and guacamole spices for a nutritious savory aquamole dip for breads and crackers.

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