Algae Learning Communities

What would future algae learning centers and eco-communities look like? Algae Competition designers offer their visions of algae recreation parks, algae entertainment venues, algae therapy spas, algae learning centers, algae art installations and future algae eco-communities.


Alga Therapeia Center, San Sebastian, Spain.
Judit Aragonés Balboa. 1182.

Design for a research center of marine algae typical of the Basque
coast for medicinal, food and industrial applications. A photobioreactor skin generates the necessary energy for all building operations: therapy baths, solarium, kitchens, classrooms, research laboratory.


Algae School on Huiquan Bay, Qingdao China.
Bi Yupeng. 1139.

This public art installation for education and enlightenment is a transparent glass factory which uses haematococcus to produce astaxanthin. The transparent glass is overhead so visitors can enjoy the algae transforming its color dramatically during its growth.


Energy Afterlife to Energy [Re]Production, Reykjanes, Iceland.
Catherine deAlmeida. 1183.

Choreographing Algae, Plants, and People with Geothermal Effluent. Creating a new landscape using the heat now diverted to the ocean. Utilizing three different programs: algae cultivation, re-vegetation strategies, human use and interaction in a thermal resource park.


The Seeds @ Coney Island, Singapore.
Yurika Chua, LandscapeLab Design Co. 1128.

Across from Punggol Eco-Town is Coney Island, with the potential for SEED- a green park. Rain and surface runoff will be collected for algae for biofuel, water and spirulina. Play Tree, Water Bubbles, Sun Pipe and Wind Tree are interactive landscape elements that also harvest algae.


Eco Laboratory: Phase II Algae Microfarm Center, Seattle.
Mark Buehrer, 2020 Engineering Inc. 1185.

The Algae Microfarm Center is the heart of the community. A living building with algaculture, hydroponics, aquaculture, aeroponics, aquaponics and farming. Includes rooftop garden, algae bioreactors, farmers market, community gardens, orchards and greenhouses.


Algaegarden celebrates the beauty and productive potential of algae.
Heather Ring, Brenda Parker, Synnove Fredericks. 1180.

Algaegarden leads the visitor to appreciate algae both as an alternative to oil and a source of food and nutrition. Bicycle pumps invite visitors to participate in the aerating the algae. The garden was selected to be part of the 2011 Metis International Garden Festival in Quebec.


Eco-Community on San Giorgio Island, Venice, Italy.
Chryssanthi Dafopoulou. 1137.

A sustainable solution for this abandoned island in Venice Lagoon is to create an eco-community that lives and works there. A Hydrotherapy Centre will be powered by algae harvested from the lagoon, and a spirulina microfarm will provide health supplements & spa infusions.


Living Machine at the Sacramento Botanical Discovery Center.
Andre Beaudoin. 1147.

The Living Machine is an architectural entity whose function encompasses diversion of river water through algae ponds inside and within the skin of the building. The process used for energy or fuel creation, culinary purposes, oxygen creation or detoxification, are all drawn from algae.


Urban Algae Bio-Fuel Production and Eco-Community in Kosovo.
Arben Jashari & Diana Jashari. 1127.

Designed for central Prishtina, with seven floors for residential space, each with a green garden. With a roof garden to grow produce, market, cinema and restaurant. The eco-community building is linked to the algae building with a glass roof to produce bio-fuel, food and compost.


Varsity Think Tank in Oxbridge, England.
Ivan Chang. 1189.

A proposal comprised of a new rail link within the disjointed Varsity Line with a research platform based on experimental water-based infrastructure. The research program is based on the extended hydrocycle of the algae photo-bioreactor and other water-based technologies.

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Algae members Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards are the creators and developers of this International Algae Competition. Their purpose is to expand and share a vision for algae in our future and create an open source algae community and collaboratory.